Estate Planning

A second look at your  Medical Directives?

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Estate Planning

I'm Not Rich - Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

For many, estate planning conjures up images of mansions and millionaires. A popular misconception is that estate planning and a living trust is only for the very rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every family can benefit from estate planning documents. 

Estate Planning

Why End of Life Planning Doesn't HAVE to Be Stressful

Believe it or not, planning for the eventuality of your own death or possible incapacity can be a positive experience - if you choose the right professional to work with.

Estate Planning

Playing Peacekeeper

No family is perfect. For many of us disputes or conflict between family members are common place. Some disputes are small and are healed by time, others are complicated and last for years. Finding an estate planning professional that understands, and is willing to listen to you, can make all the difference. 

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