Playing Peacekeeper

Estate Planning

No family is perfect.  For many of us disputes or conflict between family members are common place.  Some disputes are small and are healed by time, others are complicated and last for years. Finding an estate planning professional that understands, and is willing to listen to you, can make all the difference. 

The estate planning professional you select needs to take the special circumstances of YOUR family dynamic into account. Most importantly, you should feel confident and comfortable with your estate planning decisions.  At Spirit West, we will assist you in reaching your estate planning goals. As you navigate your family relationships and estate planning concerns, we take the time to listen.

During a crisis, having your estate plan in place and up-to-date can help to eliminate confusion and family in-fighting. ESTABLISHING YOUR OWN PLAN, and keeping it up-to-date, will prevent the kids from having to make difficult decisions on your behalf. 

Stressful situations, such as a medical emergency or accident may require a Power of Attorney to speak and/or advocate on your behalf. Estate planning allows you to assign the person you want to be in charge in the event of an emergency or accident.  Having a Power of Attorney in place before the crisis occurs saves time and confusion. 

Estate planning can provide your spouse or heirs with a set of clear instructions to follow in the event of your death.  Having this plan in place may also help to alleviate pressure during a time of grieving.  Making sure your instructions are up-to-date is also very important.  At Spirit West Certified Planning we encourage our clients to visit our office every 3-5 years to address any life changes that may have occurred. 

Family relationships change over time.  At Spirit West, our review process provides an opportunity to address any new family issues that may have arisen, or any old conflicts that have been resolved within the family. 

You may not be able to “keep the peace” within your family all of the time, but you can make advance decisions through estate planning that could help to alleviate stress, confusion, hurt feelings, and family in-fighting during times of crisis. 

Our professional planners are here for you. Take advantage of our complimentary 1-hour consultation or review.  Meet our professional staff and get answers to your most pressing questions.  Click here to schedule your time today