Staying in Control
with Your Estate
Planning Needs

Estate Planning lets you make important decisions before someone else makes them for you.

By having the essential documents in place, your assets can go exactly where you want, when you want, and to whom you want.

Perhaps even more importantly, certain estate planning documents could not only provide protection and control of your assets while you are living, but could also  ensure that your wishes and requests will be honored even should you become incapacitated and can no longer speak for yourself.

  • Stay in Control.
  • Avoid Probate.
  • Special Needs Family Members.
  • Protect your spouse and family.
  • Reduce Taxes.
  • Charitable Giving.

Have Existing Documents – Need to Make a Change?

Have your estate planning documents been gathering dust? We understand how easy it is to procrastinate but It is important to remember that your estate planning documents control all of your assets.  Keeping your existing documents complete and up-to-date could be crucial to the ultimate success of your plans.  

A good rule of thumb is to review your documents every 2-4 years. Any of the following may be a reason for scheduling a quick review:

  • Relocation to Arizona or recently moved
  • New Grandchildren
  • Change of Beneficiary or Trustee.  
  • Child with an Addiction Issue
  • Death or Divorce.
  • Real Estate Purchase.
  • Medical issues

Visit our offices for a quick one-hour review of your documents.  We can help you to make sure your documents are still current and pinpoint changes you wish to make. You will find Peace of Mind knowing that your documents are up-to-date, in good order, and aligned with your wishes.

New to Arizona?

Welcome! We are glad you have chosen our great state as your new home!

We meet with families and individuals who are new to Arizona every day.  Come into our offices for a quick review of your documents and we will assist you in making sure you are in alignment with current Arizona Estate Planning Laws. Our 45min. consultation is always Free-of-Charge.

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