A Plan for Fluffy and Fido

Estate Planning

Pets and companion animals often fill a void in our lives and provide us with unconditional love and friendship, especially as we age.  

Too often these faithful friends are overlooked in estate planning and even forgotten when someone dies.  Family members may not be inclined or are incapable of taking on the responsibility of a once loved pet.  

The heartbreaking reality is that frequently our furry life-long companions end up in shelters or even abandoned.  

Pets are often loved and treated like family members but neglected when their owners are gone. For many, worry about what will happen to their four-legged friends after they are gone is a source of great stress.

Creating a Pet Trust can ease the worry and provide a plan for the care and comfort of your most loved friend long after you are gone.  

Pet Trusts can allow for the establishment of a specific caregiver, someone who is trusted and familiar with your pet. Your Pet Trust may even contain detailed instructions regarding the level of care your pet is accustomed to, and a monthly budget to cover the costs associated with homing and caring for a furry companion.

 Additional monies may also be set aside to cover larger vet bills as your pet ages. No-kill shelters and rescue organizations may offer a good alternative for cats and dogs, if a friend or family member is not an option.

For animals with longer life spans such as horses, donkeys, and parrots, an animal sanctuary may be a good option.  Animal sanctuaries will often agree to take on the care of an animal in exchange for an agreed upon amount that will cover lifetime costs and overhead.  

Advance arrangements with sanctuaries or no-kill shelters may also be detailed in a Pet Trust.  In order to help your Trustee to execute your wishes a specific set of instructions and contact information and instructions for the sanctuary may also be detailed in your trust.

With a Pet Trust in place, many find peace-of-mind and have confidence that Fluffy (or Fido) will be well taken care of long after their human companions have passed. A Pet Trust may cover any animals that you may have in your home at the time of your death and may be adjusted to accommodate any new additions to your menagerie.

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