A second look at your  Medical Directives?

Estate Planning

Perhaps you have been putting off creating a Living Will and selecting representatives to act as your Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney?  The recent occurrence of Covid-19 and the resulting Pandemic, however, have cast a new light on the importance of having up-to-date and concise medical directives and end-of-life instructions.

Reports of Covid-19 patients surviving extended ventilation and comas are becoming more frequent.  It may be time to take a closer look at your Medical Directives and make adjustments to fit your current feelings about how you wish hospital staff to proceed – should you become incapacitated.

Do you have a financial Power of Attorney appointed should you be unable to handle your finances if you were sick or incapacitated?

Is another family member aware of where you keep your important

Estate planning documents?

Do you have a HIPPA document in place that will allow third parties (such as family members) to have access to your medical documents?

Do you have a plan in place should you require extended hospitalization?

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