Life Happens

Estate Planning

It may be a good idea to review your estate planning documents every few years to make sure that “life changes” haven’t triggered a need to make adjustments or changes to your current plan.  

Often our opinions and feelings about things change with time, a good review can make sure that your Estate Plan still remains in-line with your wishes.

You may need to take a closer look at your Trust Documents if any of the following have occurred over the last few years:

  • A new marriage or divorce
  • The birth of children and grandchildren
  • A move to a different state
  • Inheritance or acquisition of new accounts, real-estate, or collectibles
  • The occurrence of mental illness or addiction of a family member
  • New charities you may wish to leave a bequeath.
  • New pets for whom you wish to care for within your Estate Planning
  • The purchase of new vehicles

Family disharmony

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